Dream Office

Occasionally I will get inspired and go to town on a notebook sketching ideas. That happened over the weekend and I sketched out a design of my dream office. I thought I would share it just for kicks to give a visual of how my brain works.

The most crucial/special elements of this design are:

The Clothing Rack Wall
I want one whole wall to have a clothing rack built in for all of my photoshoot wardrobe pulls. There will be a shelf above the rack for shoes and other props.

Moodboard Wall
This wall will be covered in cork board and dry erase boards so I can get my ideas on paper or sketched out. I need a place to plan for future editorials and pin up inspiration images so this will be the place for that.

Photo Wall
Hello photo gallery. This is where my works of art will be posted.

 Of course I will have a desk space to do my retouching work but I also want a space in the center of the room with a table and some vintage velvet furniture for collaboration and/or relaxation.

This is my creative haven, the one place where I can let my brain explode on the walls. Let the dreaming continue....


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