Photography is a Journey

Photography is a journey. Everyday I am learning something new. My current struggle (or learning opportunity) is figuring out how to shoot the things I like, my style, and yet still be marketable to designers, agencies, and brands. Lately I feel like I have been shooting so much requested work that requires a certain look and style that I haven't really been working on my personal portfolio and pushing myself and growing. As a photographer I spend lots of time tailoring my work to being marketable or tailoring my work to specific client requirements and sometimes at the end of a month I look back at the work I have done and realize I have done nothing to stretch myself, I have been put in a box for an entire month and I don't see my touch on some (not all) of the work I have produced. So in September I am challenging myself to step outside of my box and stop thinking about what is marketable, publishable or likeable by viewers and just shoot what my heart leads me to shoot. Because when all is said and done you have to be able to live with yourself not other people. I want to love what I am creating and be able to say, "yes I shot that and I am proud of it". Being proud of yourself is way underrated but to me so much more important than getting approval from anyone else. So I ask viewers to join me on this journey and give me grace as I experiment with my style and let me creativity lead me instead of requirements.

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
- Erich Fromm

Inspiration changes constantly but below is a collision of the things that are inspiring me and that I hope to embody in some of my new work. When I post moodboards I, in no way, intend to copy the work shown, I simply am inspired by the feeling emoted in the images.


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