Engagement Photos (Why Do They All Look the Same?!)

As a photographer I do my best trying to create my own style and look. Engagements aren't my typical cup of tea since I shoot mainly fashion but now that I am engaged myself I have a heightened awareness to engagement photo trends. All I can say is I am completely uninspired by the styles of engagement images that are out there right now. Why is everyone being so generic? If you scroll through Pinterest searching for engagement images you will see hundreds of images that have a copy/paste couple into the exact same look as another couple had. Come on photographers, show your clients differently and come on clients can't we dare to be different from our other recently engaged friends? Does this sounds familiar - sitting in the middle of a field on a blanket with a stack of books or other props (yes, my fiance and I like to make it a point to sit in this field and spend quality time...), staring at eachother over a cute cup of coffee and then naturally starting to laugh because of how unnatural the poses feel, up against a tree (seriously what is that all about?) and finally holding a sign, any kind of sign. If those things represent you guys as a couple then good for you. As I have been browsing all these ideas I find myself thinking, that definitely isn't for us. But what is?

I think it is really important as a couple to choose a photographer who is able to carry out the vision that you have and on top of carrying out that vision, be able to bring out the best in you and your fiance. If you aren't a country guy or gal then don't plan a country wedding and don't take country chic engagement photos. Even though the trend is all the rage if it doesn't fit who you are then why do it?

I for one want to break some rules, I want engagement photos that have never been done before, I want to infuse fashion and style into the images because that is part of who I am. I am excited to say I am going to make an attempt to shoot my own engagement photos. Half of these images will be high fashion to the max (what fashion photographer doesn't like to showcase their talent on a personal level?) and half of them will be a very natural honest look at who my fiance and I are. I am really looking forward to sharing this process with you guys and letting you know how I do using remote trigger and timed exposures.

 Think this:

Credit Tom Ford, image found on OysterMag.com

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