Moving Forward in 2015

This year has been a whirlwind so far! I feel like I have done so much already. I'm a typical creative who works alot and then hates everything they have been producing. Always striving for more and better. That will never change but I am so happy to be on the road that I am on. I have also been pretty happy with the work I have produced recently too!

I was able to say goodbye to a day-job of 6 years and say hello to working full time as a fashion photographer. This was a scary move but very well well confirmed with the success of this month so far. I feel like a new part of my heart and mind have been opened and I am just so excited to create. I am currently working on improving lots of things about my own work but also expanding my specialties. I am working hard to produce a comprehensive editorial, beauty and commercial portfolio by summer-time. This means lots of brainstorming, collaborating, shooting and retouching in the next 3 months. I am excited to have the time to take on lots of new clients and also maintain everyone I have currently even better.

I don't like the cliche nature of saying "2015 will be my year" because every year has been my year in one way or another. But 2015 holds greatness in the future for me. I believe 2015 will be my launchpad into fully working in the career I want. I am excited and I am inspired.

I'm tacky like this so here is a Rocky quote to end this thought -  

Also  here are some of my favorite images from the past few weeks. So many lovely people!


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