San Diego Part I

I recently spent 6 days in the San Diego Area, Carlsbad to be exact. And I think it may have been one of my favorite shooting experiences in my career thus far! I had something around 25 test shoots plus an editorial. I shot 32,000 images which comes close to what I shot during my month's time in New York. It was a crazy whirlwind few days. I legitimately lost my voice for the final 3 days of our stay because it was sun's up to midnight every day pretty much. The best part was getting to hang out with people I love and get to do what I love. Even on the hard or bad days I am always thankful for a career in something I am passionate about and something that never makes me question whether or not I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. And surviving a marathon week of shoots is really the best proof I could ask for of that.

Everyone should hop over and check out Megan Kelly Beauty because she was responsible for the amazing hair and makeup for the full week of tests and editorials and is also one of those passionate people that I am happy to get to travel with, brainstorm with and sit up at midnight and talk about marketing and business stuff with. She is one of those amazing souls I seem to always be on the same page with regarding faces, inspiration and of course makeup and hair!

As I mentioned before I have 32,000 images so you can imagine the retouching workload is intense but I am going to post a gathering of cool images in this a few follow up posts to really capture some of the amazing stuff we did.

Models are from Frank Model Management located in Carlsbad!


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