Fruit Salad

Colorful fruit, a gorgeous model and amazing makeup – these are the ingredients that created possibly my favorite beauty shoot yet! I found this fruit concept online on a retoucher’s web page and I was immediately inspired. I started the hunt for the right team of people and was really excited with what I got put together. Alexa Tucker is the model and I couldn’t have been happier with her! We worked together several years ago when we were both beginners and it was definitely time for us to reconnect. For makeup and hair I asked Camille Milroy to help out. This is our second time working together and she is just wonderful, I couldn’t be happier! Below are our inspiration images –

The shoot was so much fun! The makeup colors were exactly what I envisioned and they photographed amazing with the colors of the different fruits. We tried so many different posing variations and movements. It is pretty typical for my shoots to always be changing poses, I like pushing the boundaries of what has been done. And that is exactly what we did, by the end of the night we had fruit juice dripping everywhere! I even rediscovered a love for pomegranate (don't ask about the leftovers). Needless to say it was wonderful and I am so excited to share the finished work. Be sure to keep your eyes open for sneak peeks coming soon to facebook and twitter


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