Shadow Lover

Some may be able to tell from my work, but I am a lover of shadow. I believe the more interesting uses of shadow you have the more mysterious and exciting your photos will be. This post is behind the scenes to a recent shoot but also a sneak peak at the DIY project that made this shoot possible. 

I went into Goodwill before my shoot looking for some interesting textures to create shadow with. Originally I had two things in mind, lace and window blinds. I achieved neither of these but as usual I was able to improvise! I found an awesome piece of stretchy spandex fabric and a  paneled Chinese room divider. And the latter was quite a steal. I got funny looks from goodwill shoppers in the parking lot as I tried to fit this prop into my car, but I was successful. After getting the thing into my studio I proceeded to cut out all of the cloth squares from the wooden frame. This was my shadow maker! I used a grid light off of the background by about 15 feet as the light source to create the shadow.

My model for this shoot was the lovely Sierra Morrison with Muse Model Management. My makeup artist was Kiera Bolden and hair by Becky Brunelle.


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